Online Church Services - Is a Virtual Church a Right for Today’s Culture?

Online Church Services - Is a Virtual Church a Right for Today’s Culture?

Online church

For a great many people, who for whatever reason are not able or do not wish to attend at church in their area, an online church is an excellent solution. Simply stated, a virtual church is an online church; something that was not possible 10 years ago.

In order to be relevant in today’s world, the Church needs to be able to communicate in a manner that this next generation is familiar with.

If you look around in coffee shops today, you will see young people gathered together, connected electronically, but who are hardly even speaking to one another. They will sit in a large group, staring at the mobile devicein their hand, or their iPad, and they will Facebook instead of talk. The internet has done a wonderful job connecting people from all around the globe, but has also created a certain kind of disconnect in traditional communication. This has conditioned many in our culture to be perfect candidates for an online church.

Even though many people today could rightly say that the Church has tried a number of ways to catch up with a changing world, even to align itself with the morals of today’s world in an effort to remain relevant, the basic tenants and truth of God’s Word need not change for the world, and are indeed compatible with today’s culture just as it was 100 years ago. What is missing in today’s church is a way to communicate the unchanged truth of God’s Word and show today’s culture, through the medium of an online church, that the Word of God and It’s message is just as relevant today as it ever has been.

For a generation of people who are not attending church, but would be willing to stream a Bible study or catch a Sunday sermon on their iPad, a virtual church service is an excellent way to discoverthe Word of God.

Online church
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Bio Box:

Pastor Gary Fox hosts a weekly virtual Bible Study via live webinars. In the event that participants are unable to attend any given week, the webinars are recorded and archived for later viewing. More information about this new virtual online church service can be found at To register for the weekly Bible study, you can visit


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